Clearwater Attorneys Handling High-Asset Divorce Cases

Divorce is complicated enough, and when you add in issues concerning assets, businesses or significant real estate, the situation can have many layers. While most people recognize the importance of working with a lawyer in the divorce process, many do not realize the importance of choosing the right divorce attorney.

The experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Donnelly has been serving clients throughout the Clearwater, Florida, area since 1980. Our attorneys have worked with clients in high net worth divorce cases, including business owner divorce.

Protecting Assets In Divorce

Many of the legal issues stemming from a high asset divorce involve assets. There must be an evaluation to determine what assets are considered premarital assets versus marital assets at the time the divorce petition was filed. This may include a business valuation to determine the value of a business.

Additionally, it may be necessary to seek ex-parte assistance from the court to freeze assets or to enjoin an opposing party from taking some action. If one party has significant assets in his or her name, the other party may be compelled to seek assistance from the court to maintain the status quo of those assets so one party may not remove the assets from the jurisdiction of the court.

Our attorneys can help with injunctions and related issues pertaining to high asset divorce. We also have an established network of resources we can call upon, such as forensic accountants, real estate professionals and others who can assist in the process of valuating assets in your divorce.

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