The holidays bring a lot of extra stress, as we know. Those stresses include the pressure to make everything perfect for your children as well as to put on a good face for extended family.

Even when you’re a victim of domestic violence in Florida or around the United States.

In fact, calls to domestic violence hotlines actually drop from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence said its hotline received an average of 829 calls a day in 2016. On Thanksgiving, the number dropped to 480, on Christmas to 560 and on New Year’s Day to 650.

That doesn’t mean that cases of domestic abuse actually fall on those days. The truth is, it doesn’t take a holiday. There’s just a greater reluctance to report such incidents on what are supposed to be happy, family occasions.

No matter what the season, a victim actually has lived through abuse seven to 10 times before seeking help, statistics show. They also show that the number of calls to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence goes up after New Year’s Day – a new year, a fresh start.

While the desire exists to get through the holidays without reporting domestic violence, experts caution that it can be dangerous to stay in a home with abuse. Seeking help at any time of the year is essential.

When you decide to end your relationship for good, telling an abuser that you are leaving the home or serving divorce documents can trigger violent behavior. That’s why it’s wise to seek the advice of experts in domestic violence and a Florida attorney. They can help you find a safe place to go as well as assist in filing for a domestic violence injunction.