Sometimes, when a couple divorces, the two parties assemble a team that includes an attorney, an accountant and maybe a counselor. Now, some Florida residents are adding another member to that team: a divorce coach.

A divorce coach works to make a divorce as easy as possible for their client. The coaches don’t offer legal advice but do work in conjunction with the attorneys who do.

Just what does the divorce coach do?

The divorce coach can help the client get ready for meetings with the attorney early in the divorce process. That includes assisting the client to gather documents and paperwork the attorney will need. Beyond that, the coach will help the person seeking the divorce to increase organization and efficiency.

The coach also can be there to provide emotional support. Sometimes, people who are divorcing just might not have anyone to turn to. Maybe friends and family members live far away, essentially leaving the divorcing person alone. Or maybe relatives and friends are giving advice that is confusing the person seeking a divorce and sending them in the wrong direction. A divorce coach also can help to lessen the stress that undoubtedly will emerge.

Finally, the coach can give clients advice on how to communicate throughout the process, which will build their self-confidence.

Are you thinking about divorce?

Divorce isn’t easy; it’s one of the most stressful things a person will go through in a lifetime. That’s why it is so important to have people on your side. A Florida attorney with experience representing a client’s best interests in a divorce is essential. A divorce coach could become another essential source of aid, should you choose.