A woman running in a hotly contested race for a congressional seat in Miami is battling not only her opponent in the November election but the ghost of her divorce.

Eight years ago, the woman and her husband, an area home builder, divorced. They married in 1999 and began to accumulate properties in the Miami area and took out loans on at least eight properties. They took on the debts as individuals instead of forming a corporation.

In all, their real estate debt accumulated to almost $7 million from 2000 to 2007. At first, their investments paid off as they sold the properties, but when both the real estate market and their marriage cooled off, trouble ensued. At the time of the 2008 recession and the burst of the real estate market, they had about $5 million in home loans, most of it on two properties.

They split those homes, but the problem is that she’s been left on the hook for a $2 million home loan after her ex-husband allegedly defaulted. She said she signed over the deed to her husband, and he agreed to take on all liability.

Still, since she remained on the mortgage as a debtor, she was on the hook when her husband allegedly defaulted in 2015. The bank doesn’t care who is on the deed – just who accepted responsibility for the loan.

The ex-husband said in an interview with the Miami Herald that he couldn’t afford the loan and was trying to have it modified.

She has since sold the home she gained in the divorce.

This illustrates just how important it is to tie up all loose ends in a divorce with the help of a qualified divorce attorney. No matter how amicable a divorce is and how each ex-partner promises to follow through on commitments made to the other, things happen that couldn’t have been foreseen. This is one of these cases.