It can be very difficult to admit that your marriage is no more, even if you’ve been having problems for years. The divorce process can be long, arduous and stressful if you and your spouse cannot come to terms on your own. This can lead to making an appearance in front of a judge. The judge will wind up making a decision for you as to how your assets will be divided. One very important topic is selling the marital home during a Florida divorce.

For some, remaining in the marital home is an option after getting divorced. The spouse who remains isn’t that upset about the divorce and likely can afford to stay there. This usually occurs when the mortgage has already been paid off, when taxes are not too high and if the utility bills are not overwhelming.

For others, selling the marital home is the best solution when getting divorced instead of someone remaining to live in it. If you decide to sell the home, it’s best that you get as much for it as possible. Once the transaction is complete, be sure to split the proceeds equally among you and your spouse.

As with any type of real estate transaction, you should always have an attorney by your side. This will make the process much smoother than if you try to sell the home on your own. No one wants that headache when you are already dealing with an impending divorce.

Getting divorced in Florida is never easy. You can run into a lot of problems with your spouse when you cannot come to agreements on property division. Make sure you sell the marital home and divide the proceeds equitably.