It’s never easy to share custody of your children with the other parent, even when the two of you get along. It’s just a difficult situation, especially when you add the significant other of the other parent and if they have children too. Your network is expanding and it can become very difficult to handle different child custody issues that occur in Clearwater, Florida.

The most common issue is interference. Interference occurs when one of the parents interferes with how custody is to be handled. For example, the parent with the children currently decides not to bring them to the custody exchange location at the agreed upon time because they aren’t done having fun yet. Even though this might seem harmless, it can be viewed by the other parent as interference.

Relocation can also be viewed as a child custody issue in Florida. Maybe the parent who has physical custody of the child wants to move to a new area of the state or even to a new state altogether. This can cause a lot of problems for everyone involved and the noncustodial parent can petition the court not to let it happen.

Another child custody issue occurs when one parent decides to visit the child when he or she is with the other parent during their agreed upon visitation time. This can be viewed as interference and is a big problem that many families deal with regularly.

There are quite a few child custody issues in Florida that can occur at anytime during your arrangement. Make sure you know what they are and how to handle them so things do not get so out of control that one parent feels the need to violate the agreement.