A woman from Indiana has been awarded some $2 million in back child support when it was discovered that her presumed-dead husband was alive and living in Florida. The woman’s husband mysteriously disappeared back in 1993 from their home in Hamilton County, Indiana.

He left the home without his wallet and driver’s license. It was years before the wife declared her husband dead with the county. She and her two boys assumed he was deceased since they hadn’t heard a word from him since his disappearance.

The woman received a phone call in 2016 from law enforcement officials in Pasco County, Florida. The officers told her that they had found her husband — alive. He had been living in Florida under a fake identity.

According to authorities, the husband initially fled Indiana and went to Ohio in 1993. He stole the identity of a friend’s son who had recently passed away in a drowning accident.

Using the stolen identity, the man moved to Florida, got married again and even had his fifth child child with his new wife. He had two children with his first wife and then two children with his wife in Indiana.

The man’s identity was discovered when someone began researching his family on a DNA website. It said that the man owned property in Florida, which was a red flag to the man performing the research.

The wife was awarded $2 million in back support after her husband’s ruse was discovered. The man owns multiple planes and properties, but authorities still aren’t sure if he will be able to pay all of the $2 million in back child support.

Divorce, child support, and alimony are difficult topics for many people to discuss. But be sure that your family has these discussions should the need arise.

Source: WISHTV, “Former Indiana man who abandoned family ordered to pay $2M in support,” The Associated Press, May 21, 2018