Every divorce is going to be a little bit different. Some couples have no children, and so a lot of their time and energy in the divorce will be spent arguing over assets and property. Some couples had different roles and responsibilities during the marriage, and so alimony could play a factor in their divorce. And some couples have children and though custody may or may not be a serious issue that is argued during the divorce, it is also possible that child support will impact their post-divorce lives.

When child support is awarded, it is important for the receiving spouse to realize that there is a myth about these payments: that they can only be used for specific purposes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Child support payments can cover a wide range of costs in your post-divorce life.

  • To begin, child support payments cover all basic necessities. This means that food, shelter, and clothing for your child can all be paid for by the support payments you receive.
  • Medical costs and educational costs are also covered by child support. Even if the medical situation is uninsured, child support can be used to pay for it.
  • Many “extra” costs are also covered by child support. For example, transportation costs (such as maintenance on a car or bus fare) can be covered by child support. Extracurricular activities at school (such as sports teams and clubs) can be paid for with child support payments. Even fun events, such as going out to the movies for a night with you and your kids, can be paid for with child support.

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