Child custody exchanges are difficult situations for all involved, especially the children. Even if your children understand what is happening, they might still suffer emotional stress each time the custody exchange occurs. This very well could be due to the behavior of you and the other parent. One way to prevent issues from cropping up during custody exchanges in Clearwater, Florida, is to pick neutral locations.

The biggest benefit of a neutral site for custody exchanges is that it will bring your child comfort, especially if the exchange happens at his or her school. Schools are a very common place for custody exchanges. The child will know his or her surroundings, will be able to play on the playground and can even run around with friends while you and the other parent talk.

When exchanging custody at a neutral site, instead of your house or the house of the other parent, you are putting everyone on an even playing field. For example, if the exchange happens at the other parent’s house, they will have the power. They will be able to deny you entry to their home. They might keep you waiting in your car before sending the child out to you.

Picking a neutral site for the exchange also makes it safer for all involved, especially if the other parent is prone to abuse, outbursts or violence. This is a situation in which you should choose a police station as the neutral exchange site.

Now that you know how important the neutral location is when exchanging child custody, you can plan the next handful of exchanges appropriately. Be sure to have a neutral third party present with you so your children are kept occupied while you speak to the other parent.