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Domestic violence doesn't take a holiday in Florida

The holidays bring a lot of extra stress, as we know. Those stresses include the pressure to make everything perfect for your children as well as to put on a good face for extended family.

Even when you're a victim of domestic violence in Florida or around the United States.

What is the role of a coach in a Florida divorce?

Sometimes, when a couple divorces, the two parties assemble a team that includes an attorney, an accountant and maybe a counselor. Now, some Florida residents are adding another member to that team: a divorce coach.

A divorce coach works to make a divorce as easy as possible for their client. The coaches don't offer legal advice but do work in conjunction with the attorneys who do.

Get help to make alimony fair to both in a Florida divorce

There's so much to think about for Florida residents getting divorced. Child custody. Who gets the antique dining table? Where will you live?

Then there's alimony. Figuring out spousal support involves an accurate accounting of finances, assets and income, as well as a consideration of the potential earnings of the lower-income spouse.

You must protect your parenting time if you value it

The time you have with your child is precious, especially after divorce. Even if you and your child's other parent divided up your custody time fairly evenly, you may still miss important moments in your child's life if you do not carefully protect the custody time that the court awarded you.

Too many parents push the boundaries of a custody order's flexibility, either because they are not good at time management, or because they want to see what exactly you will tolerate. Unfortunately, this behavior is far too common, and courts take it seriously. If your spouse interferes directly or indirectly with the time you spend with your child, they may suffer consequences, and potentially even lose some of their parenting privileges.

Unmarried fathers could use help in Florida custody cases

Your relationship is over. Your girlfriend has moved out -- and taken your baby with her. On the way out, she said you'll never see either one of them again.

She's the baby's mother, but that isn't her decision to make. Biological parents have, by law, the right to see their children -- in most circumstances -- or to seek custody, whether that's full or joint custody.

Florida candidate embroiled in post-divorce mess

A woman running in a hotly contested race for a congressional seat in Miami is battling not only her opponent in the November election but the ghost of her divorce.

Eight years ago, the woman and her husband, an area home builder, divorced. They married in 1999 and began to accumulate properties in the Miami area and took out loans on at least eight properties. They took on the debts as individuals instead of forming a corporation.

Be prepared to discuss financial issues post-divorce in Florida

Discussions about money between spouses don't end when they divorce.

In fact, as long as they are parenting children together, ex-mates in Florida and across the United States will have to talk about finances.

Cautions about splitting debts in a Florida divorce

Anyone who has been through a divorce knows just how long, tough and emotional a divorce can be in Florida and throughout the United States.

Child custody. Child support. Property division. Spousal support. Splitting the bank accounts.

Custody agreements for children with special needs are complex

Having a child with special needs is a challenge that many parents face. When the stresses of life impact your marriage and you call it quits, you are faced with an even bigger challenge. You have to figure out how to handle the child custody matters in the way that keeps your child's best interests as the primary focus.

The terms of a custody arrangement made in these cases will need to include specific information about what the child needs. There are many different factors that can come into the picture, based on the child's known needs and expectations. Here are a few that you might have to consider:

How to ensure successful shared custody

Sharing custody of your children is never easy, even if you and the other parent have a decent relationship. Deciding on holidays, birthdays, vacations and weekends can be challenging. There's so much that needs to go into a shared-custody agreement in order to make it a success and we will discuss some of it in today's post.

One of the best ways to make this arrangement a success is to establish a strong line of communication between you and the other parent. You don't have to talk to each other daily or even face to face. Just make sure that you agree to a form of communication and stick to it. Don't take forever to answer questions.

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