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Try these tips for a safe, harmonious child custody exchange

No matter how contentious a divorce is or how soured the relationship has become between an unmarried couple that share children, there is no reason for children to get stuck in the middle between warring adults.

In fact, it's the job of the parents to make kids feel safe and secure, but that doesn't always happen when parents occupy the same space. One occasion that can lead to arguments between parents is during the child custody exchange.

Take care to protect your financial future in a divorce

When you divorce, you might sell your home. Someday, you know you'll build up that savings account again and buy another home in Florida that reflects your new life. However, planning for that future means the past must be dealt with properly.

When you're ready to apply for a mortgage, you must have a clean financial record, and the divorce process can leave you with a fairly messy one if things aren't done right. Your divorce settlement should spell out how debts will be divided, how real estate will be shared and if either spouse will receive alimony. Be sure to discuss the following matters with your family law attorney.

2019 tax laws will affect alimony awards in new year

It's a new year with new laws. And when it comes to family law, there are some big changes for residents of Florida and throughout the United States.

If you intend to divorce in 2019, you'll need to know these law changes.

Learn more about contempt of court and what it means for you

After you go through a divorce, there are court orders that you must follow, in some cases. For example, you may be ordered to pay spousal support or to pay child support. It is an expectation that you pay these on time based on the requirements of your court order.

If you do not do what you're supposed to do, your ex-spouse may file the motion for contempt of court. This motion informs the court that you are not upholding part of the agreement.

Florida grandmother loses custody after 11 years raising kids

A Florida grandmother is fighting to keep the grandchildren she's raised for nearly a dozen years after a judge gave custody to their father, who lives in Indiana and has not been part of their daily lives. Their parents relinquished custody in 2007.

The maternal grandmother took custody of the children, now ages 13 and 12, when the kids were babies. She said she didn't hesitate to do so when it was clear the children needed a stable environment. Hers is the only household the kids have known.

Domestic violence doesn't take a holiday in Florida

The holidays bring a lot of extra stress, as we know. Those stresses include the pressure to make everything perfect for your children as well as to put on a good face for extended family.

Even when you're a victim of domestic violence in Florida or around the United States.

What is the role of a coach in a Florida divorce?

Sometimes, when a couple divorces, the two parties assemble a team that includes an attorney, an accountant and maybe a counselor. Now, some Florida residents are adding another member to that team: a divorce coach.

A divorce coach works to make a divorce as easy as possible for their client. The coaches don't offer legal advice but do work in conjunction with the attorneys who do.

Get help to make alimony fair to both in a Florida divorce

There's so much to think about for Florida residents getting divorced. Child custody. Who gets the antique dining table? Where will you live?

Then there's alimony. Figuring out spousal support involves an accurate accounting of finances, assets and income, as well as a consideration of the potential earnings of the lower-income spouse.

You must protect your parenting time if you value it

The time you have with your child is precious, especially after divorce. Even if you and your child's other parent divided up your custody time fairly evenly, you may still miss important moments in your child's life if you do not carefully protect the custody time that the court awarded you.

Too many parents push the boundaries of a custody order's flexibility, either because they are not good at time management, or because they want to see what exactly you will tolerate. Unfortunately, this behavior is far too common, and courts take it seriously. If your spouse interferes directly or indirectly with the time you spend with your child, they may suffer consequences, and potentially even lose some of their parenting privileges.

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